Our Mission

At Weight Loss by Blue, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We provide personalized, medically supervised treatment that combines science, compassion, and expertise to guide our clients toward their weight loss goals, enhancing their overall well-being.

Our Vision

Our vision at Weight Loss by Blue is to be a leader in innovative and compassionate weight loss solutions. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals, transforming not only their bodies but also their confidence, health, and quality of life. We envision a future where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sustainable and science-backed weight loss, leading to happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Company Founders

Dr. Daniel Yamini, Medical Director

Dr. Yamini is committed to combining the latest advancements in medical science with a compassionate approach, ensuring that each patient receives the personalized care and support they need to achieve their weight loss goals.

Ronda Nofal, CEO

Her passion, dedication, and expertise have paved the way for a revolutionary approach to beauty and wellness. With a deep understanding of the human body and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ronda has created a sanctuary where individuals can discover their true potential.

Located in Los Angeles

Learn more about our facilities in the heart of Sherman Oaks! Weight Loss by Blue offers convenient locational resources and medical professionals on staff. Our professional services can treat a wide range of both, medical conditions and specific wellness goals. Check out our home in Los Angeles.

Weight Loss by Blue is not just a clinic; it's a commitment to each individual's journey to better health. Our team of experts combines cutting-edge medical techniques and unwavering support to empower you in transforming your life.

Ronda Nofal, CEO | Blue Medical Spa

Client Testimonials

I can't thank Weight Loss by Blue enough for their incredible support and medically supervised treatment, including the use of semaglutide injections. In just a few months, I achieved my weight loss goals and gained a renewed sense of confidence. Their team truly cares about your success, and I'm proof that their approach, combined with semaglutide, works!
Weight Loss by Blue changed my life. The personalized treatment, including semaglutide injections, and guidance I received were instrumental in my weight loss journey. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, but I also gained a better understanding of how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to transform their health.
I had struggled with my weight for years, but Weight Loss by Blue provided me with the tools and medical supervision, including semaglutide injections, I needed to make a real difference. Their knowledgeable staff made the entire process feel safe and manageable. Thanks to them, I've achieved lasting results and now have the knowledge to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I'm so grateful for their expertise and support.